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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows us to focus on reusability of components. It facilitates viewing the product in a light of expected functionality rather than code, cost and time frames. In other words, a product based on SOA can help your business firmly stand ground to the test of volatile needs. SOA can make your product flexible to demanding changes, by eliminating the need for developing from scratch; reason being, the components required will exist when the need for change sets in. SOA is to loosely couple various functional chunks under separate service layers so they can be reused effectively.

Now SaaS (Software as a Service) is where the technical revolution went to business level cost cutting while simultaneously delivering exceeded performance. SaaS uses the Cloud to market your product. In essence, product access to any consumer would be readily available reducing time-to-market and improving consumer response brought about by hassle-free incorporation techniques. In layman terms, instead of selling a product, the concept would be to rent your product over the Cloud. The “as a Service” paradigm when fused with the SOA concept of software architecture, gives rise to products that can be widely accepted without glitches. The reach of the launched product increases exponentially with faster time-to-market which in turn boosts your ROI.

When a product idea is conceived, it comes along with a goal of establishing itself in the end-user. This without a doubt is a challenge to its makers. However, at Dexter Systems, the archetype of coupling SOA and SaaS will unfailingly result in products that will endure the market longer than its opponents. This approach enables your product to listen and integrate end-user feedback impressively faster than your market adversaries, creating products that evolve to become a habit for intended consumers.