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Cloud Solutions

When giving a business speech on motivation and success, whoever said “the sky is the limit” surely wasn’t thinking about Cloud. Well today however, for a highly available XaaS (anything as a service), Cloud really is the limit.

Let’s begin with this - you introduced a service in the market and realistically will not have more than a handful of users at kick-start. But the near future of your service holds way more potential. So do you invest in expensive local resources for the future right now? Will your investment hold on for long enough and not require further scalability? Will the response for your service overwhelm your investment? There’d be a myriad of ideas buzzing in your head right now, but the answer is no. On another note, you have a hundred executives in your company who need a certain software A. How do you cope with installing A for these and the next hundred recruits? In both cases, a Cloud computing based application/service is the answer.

The world is moving on from “as-a-Product” to “as-a-Service” with the help of Cloud computing. Cloud computing applications bring with them a host of overwhelming advantages – high availability, reduced hardware costs, reduced maintenance costs, on-demand ramp up or down of storage, elasticity, measured service, rapid deployment and a whole lot more. At Dexter Systems, our trained professionals provide you with adequate Cloud Architecture Consulting and help your business migrate to the cloud without a glitch. We focus on “Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)”, “Platform as a Service (PaaS)” and “Software as a Service (SaaS)”. Allow us to take your business to the next level- sky high.