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At Dexter Systems, we focus on design-led-engineering. We equip our clients with the ability to materialize a conceived idea and to sell it with sufficient time-to-market advantage over their competitors. This invariably translates to increased revenue and growth.

Today’s volatile consumer base is heavily judgmental when it comes to the user experience of any product. Under these circumstances, collaborating effectively between designers and developers is something our PDLC specializes in. We believe that ethically opening lines of communication between team leads can eliminate substantial overheads. Adapting Agile Methodologies of development, such as Extreme Programming, Scrum, Feature Driven Development, etc. help us in steering clear of regimented and micromanaged PDLCs. Agile methodology allows for a product to be developed in timeboxes or iterations, making the product more lithe to stakeholder requirements and more adaptable to consumer feedback and feature requests.

We use best practices at all stages of product development. Our code building process lays sufficient emphasis on code portability, commenting, documentation, meaningful variables, naming conventions, and effective simplifying. Detailed project plans, regular status updates, trackers, test cases, results, reports, etc. are employed to keep the collaborative effort unified at all times.