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Elastic Cloud

When we discuss the benefits of adapting Cloud and Grid based computing, two things stand out: Scalability and Elasticity. Many a times, the two terms Scalability and Elasticity are used in the same context and sometimes interchangeably – which isn’t quite right. Scalability is in a physical context which we are all quite familiar with. But Elasticity is more of a fuzzy term. Elastic cloud enables your system to handle a sudden and mostly short-lived wave of load e.g. colossal number of users logging in due to a promotional activity. Elasticity involves optimal utilization of the available cloud resources to portray dynamic support. Scalability however pertains to a planned architecture that supports on-demand systematic expansion of resources.

At Dexter Systems, we understand the essence of both Scalability and Elasticity of Cloud computing. We adapt professional and experienced approach for Mobile, Web, Big Data, PaaS and other applications to enable them to be highly scalable, self managing, supremely elastic and intelligent at the same time. We utilize Elastic Cloud computing approach in order for your product to be able to face heavy and unexpected loads without having negative impacts on your system availability and more importantly - your enterprise reputation.