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Platform Modernization

Technology since we know it has been radically unpredictable and rapidly transforming. Every business today heavily relies on the technology that supports it. What makes your business successful is its ability to adapt to newer trends and newer technologies. In the era of Cloud and Grid based Computing, you would not want to be stuck relying on Mainframes. Trying to compete in the present market with older technologies would be like trying to win a race with a slow and buggy car. Worse yet is that older technologies become expensive to maintain, lack the required scalability and do not possess an architecture for collaborating with evolving consumer interfaces such as social networks and smartphones.

But migrating from older technologies to newer ones is a gargantuan task which poses even bigger risks. We at Dexter Systems understand these risks and have developed processes that help you mitigate them while simultaneously leveraging the existing system/architecture that your business depends on. We take a multitude of factors into consideration including but not limited to reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), increased Return of Investment (ROI), dynamic scalability, advanced collaboration, reduced maintenance costs and more, to ensure your business goals materialize effectively.