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Mobile Integration

Did you know that 20% of web traffic in 2012 account to mobile devices? Of a hundred people who tried to access you online, twenty tried to do so by the means of a smartphone. If your website or your products are not mobile-ready yet, how many possible opportunities have you been missing out on? The need for mobile integration doesn’t need advocating just as there isn’t a need to showcase statistics to understand the exponential growth in the usage of smartphones.

At Dexter Systems, we capture this necessity for you at the very beginning by incorporating Mobile Integration to our processes. This potentially takes your product campaign beyond prints and banners and directly into the palms of your intended consumers.  Being mobile-friendly, helps you connect faster and effectively communicate. With so many emerging platforms in the horizon, your product needs to be everywhere regardless of what mobile device your client is using.

Mobile solutions are spearheading requirements in a wide range of businesses ranging from corporate offices to warehouses. Our experts specialize in analyzing requirements unique to your industry and proposing solutions that cut down your operating and advertising costs. At the same time, we also focus on elevating your audience reach and response times. Dexter Systems understands that your business needs to be proficient and prompt at the same time. It’s time for your business to go avant-garde; it’s time to go mobile.