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Content Management

Your web presence is obviously quintessential but so is the regular updating of the content you put forth. Imagine having an exclusively scripted website but also having to heavily rely on a technical developer every time you need to modify/add content. In a time when regularly updating websites are favorites of the search bots, it is possible only to either keep pace or keep the quality satisfactory. But this menace changes with the introduction of a Content Management System (CMS).

One of the biggest benefits of introducing a CMS is that using a CMS does not require any technical expertise. Now you can easily appoint a team to manage your website – a team that is exclusively trained in content writing efficacy. A CMS furthermore facilitates monitored and controlled distribution of responsibilities using roles and groups. It follows stringent hierarchies that can be efficiently administered.

Dexter Systems brings to you a plethora of options to choose from, for a distinct CMS solution that streamlines all your publishing process. We can tailor a CMS exclusively suiting your needs using PHP, ASP or ASP..net. Alternatively we have trained professionals who help you move to standardization and rapid deployment using available CMS systems – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, etc. A CMS is suited for every business ranging from eCommerce to eLearning. Lead your business’ web presence to more managed and streamlined solutions – separate each of designing, coding and content for your website and yet, administer all under a single controlled environment; a Content Management System.