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Social Business Intelligence

With the advent of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. consumers are rapidly sharing their feedbacks, grievances, thoughts and expectations on the social pages rather than to a customer care executive. For any business, it's imperative to listen to what their consumers have to say. Key decisions in a business can no longer rely exclusively on data-driven legacy systems. The consumer response landscape is one that's highly volatile and it is crucial to capture it in real time. Hence the need of Social Business Intelligence.

Social BI realizes the possibility of gathering consumer sentiments on a global scale by streaming in data from all social networks where your product or service is being discussed. It enables your business to listen, record and analyze this data which in turn allows you to tap in some very important performance metrics. What's more, it even gives you a competitive market advantage by identifying global competitors and exploring comparison graphs.

Social BI brings to your business an entire new realm of possibilities by capturing and analyzing data that really matters - Big Data.