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Sales Force

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is about evolving a customer-centric process that focuses on two very main aspects of sales: acquiring and retaining. Customer relationship management has been stringently followed in companies since forever but standardization of these processes can take oodles of time and effort. Imagine being able to tap years of CRM experience in just a few clicks? Salesforce CRM automation enables you to start a full-fledged CRM with a standardized and streamlined approach at the very beginning, conveniently subtracting the “oodles of time and effort” from your calculus.

Salesforce simplifies the adoption of its CRM software by making it available over the cloud (SaaS). The Salesforce CRM is subscription based and can be accessed through a web-browser, thus eliminating the need to enforce heavy budgets for Hardware and maintenance. Salesforce drastically reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) you might estimate to build a CRM of that cadre. One of the major advantages that a Salesforce CRM brings to your company is centralized monitoring and control of the entire sales process. It becomes easy to add or remove a user and assign a role with respective permissions using inbuilt settings supported by a graphical UI; all that in a jiffy, with no technical expertise required. Salesforce brings to your Business Development, an entirely new perspective by tracking sales via multiple channels like email, direct calls, social media and searches.

With all these benefits, you might wonder where we fit in. CRM research studies indicate, of businesses that adopt a CRM, more than 80% accept that the biggest challenge was to get their sales staff to use the system effectively due to change in CRM processes. The thing is, while adopting Salesforce your business processes do not need to take a back seat. Salesforce allows for exhaustive customization but that would need professionals with Apex and Visualforce programming skills. Dexter Systems delegates for your business, a set of Salesforce experts who not only customize this radical CRM to fit your unique business but also offer training and guidance to your team. This enables your Sales team to shift to the Salesforce CRM seamlessly and easily. That said; you can now eradicate painful manual tracking of leads, sales etc. With Dexter Systems, you’ll be of the CEO’s who can boast of a superior leads-to-sales conversion percentage. Your business will be future ready in no time at all.