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Architectural Design

In Product Development, Architectural Design holds the importance of a building’s foundation. A stronger foundation means a better future. The design of a product needs to cater to various business as well as technical aspects. In other words, the architectural design needs to be able to create next generation software.

The design has to begin with prime attention to stakeholder requirements, expectations and resources. It is broken down to layers, such as the data access layer, a service layer, a presentation layer, a third party integration layer and so on, depending on the requirements at hand. This breakdown facilitates ample emphasis on business and technical facets equally.

At Dexter Systems, we focus on some very imperative characteristics that a product in today’s market needs - reliability, security, performance, usability, scalability and localization. While numerous products are being released hastily it is vital to achieve a competitive time-to-market and be top-notch with upcoming features and timely updates. This engages the consumers and develops a loyalty to the product they use. A product needs to listen to consumer feedback and upgrade. For that to happen, architectural design needs to support it. At Dexter Systems, we develop products that are independent in many ways like a plug-n-play concept but are never isolated. We present to you, evolving architectural design.